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The Redwood Forest is pure majestic beauty. Redwood trees provide a thick canopy that blocks all but the strongest sun rays from reaching the forest floor. The Redwood forest is a natural cathedral; full of mystery and awesome beauty.
A stroll through the redwood forest is a lesson in humility. You immediately feel small and less important than you did out in the work-a-day world. A walk in this forest is a quick "ego correction". You know your place in the universe better after a walk in the redwood forest.
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This is it … the perfect place in the redwood forest for a wedding! The redwood forest grows a carpet of ferns and in the spring white Trilliums bloom among them. Under the towering redwood trees is the perfect place for a wedding. Imagine a bride and groom standing under that beam of light taking their heartfelt vows. The redwood forest provides silent, natural beauty for all special occasions -- and the rental price is awesome too -- FREE!!
The redwood forest was home to the dinosaurs and other pre-historic critters. Squint your eyes a bit and let you imagination go -- can you see a dinosaur in this redwood forest clearing? Perhaps he toppled that tree!

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